Gold Rush miners circa 1890

Gold Rush miners circa 1890

The historic Gold Creek weaves through our winery, keeping a close eye on the gold panning relics dating back to the 1840's that are still visible on the property. Many of the California Gold Rush's most successful and infamous mines were established along this creek.  Our Gold Creek Winery produces award-winning wines crafted with the same bold and adventurous style as the original California miners.


off grid solor powered winemaking

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In our Amador City winery we let nature control the winemaking process.   We are a 100% off-grid winery powered only by solar energy, a natural artesian well, and gravity.   Minimal chemicals are used and native Syrah yeasts guide our Estate Grown Syrah fermentation.  


estate grown grapes

Photo by Rostislav_Sedlacek/iStock / Getty Images

To create Gold Creek we grow over 80% of our own grapes right on property.  This allows us to control not only the winemaking process, but also the viticulture that is critical is making deep, rich quality wines.  

Each season we prune the vineyard with a single minded focus on quality.  In fact to ensure each bottle of Gold Creek meets our exacting standards, we drop nearly 30% of the grapes to ensure the remaining bunches are rich and concentrated.  

“Wine … offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than possibly any other purely sensory thing which may be purchased.”
— Earnest Hemingway

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winemaking team

  • Winemaker: Jeffrey Maltzman
  • Consulting Winemaker:  Corinne Moore
  • Vineyard Supervisor: Corinne Moore
  • Vineyard Dog: Timber (Australian Shepherd)
  • Wine Blending:  Jeffrey & Anamarie Maltzman
  • Label Design:  Jenny Doll
Gold Creek Vineyard at harvest.  Photo by Jeffrey Maltzman

Gold Creek Vineyard at harvest.  Photo by Jeffrey Maltzman