Adventurous, full-bodied wines lovingly constructed using the finest grapes from the Napa Valley.  The alluvial soils of Napa were laid down more than 150,000 years ago as the seas swept over this rich geographic area.  

Navigator honors the fearless sea captains who conquered these oceans and whose spirit of exploration and adventure led to extraordinary discoveries of the past and, to this day, inspire unforgettable memories. 



STATE-OF-THE-ART winemaking

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Our downtown Napa winery uses the latest technological tools to hand craft wines of exceptional quality and depth.   We use computer driven optical sorters to scan every individual grape to ensure perfect ripeness, precision controlled stainless steel and cement tanks to ensure ideal fermentation temperatures, and a full onsite enology lab to monitor every aspect of the wine's development.  


attention to detail

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Great wines require care, passion, and persistence.  

To create Navigator we supervise every aspect of the winemaking process from the initial crush of the grapes to the final blend formula.   

We create less than 1,500 cases of Navigator each year - ensuring that every bottle has received our personal commitment and attention.  


Only grapes from the highest quality vineyards in the Napa Valley make it into our Navigator brand wines.   Renounced vineyards such as Stagecoach, Morgan Lee, Six Acre and more are used to ensure elegant, rich wines worthy of the Navigator name. 

Navigator Captain's Private Reserve is proudly served onboard MSC Cruises and is only available onboard or through our wine club or website.  


“Wine … offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than possibly any other purely sensory thing which may be purchased.”
— Earnest Hemingway

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winemaking team

  • Winemaker: Jeffrey Maltzman
  • Consulting Winemaker:  Patrick Soube
  • Bottling Supervisor: Pete McAfee
  • Wine Blending:  Jeffrey & Anamarie Maltzman
  • Bottle Waxing:  Alexis & Jessica Maltzman
  • Label Design:  Jenny Doll